Spell of the Month


This is the beginning of a New Year 2010, so get a fresh start with a spiritual cleanse for both your Body and Home.

For the Body:  Take a three day cleansing bath. Choose our Abre Camino/ Road Opener herbal plant bath combined with any of our web site's list of cologne fragrances -invoking your intensions or desires for your New Year's resolution and add to a gallon of warm tap water.  Mix all ingredients by hand breaking the herb into fine pieces and let it brew like a tea infusion for about 15 minutes.  After cleansing with one of our exclusive lines of spiritual soaps, use the mixed bath solution for the next three days dividing it into 1/3 parts per bath or shower (be sure to cover the entire body especially your spinal cord).  Keep remaining solution in a cool place (refrigerate if desired) to maintain freshness while performing this three day ritual.  You may add more warm water each day into remaining solution for your desired temperature before each bath/shower.   The number three represents a road opener.

                See our many choices of oil burners and aromatic scents, incense powders or sticks, and resin incense and charcoal  with burners.

                                 House of Grace wishes you a year filled with clarity, peace, and heavenly love...



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